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Cutting and Polishing Consumables

  Lapping Abrasive Powder   Colloidal Slurry
  An alumina type precision lapping powder
  Suited for lapping silicon wafer, GaAs,  GaP, optical
      lenses, crystal, and hardened glass

Providing constant and stable lapping capability with 
      no scratch on the surface of the object being lapped

  For polishing electronic substrates made of silicon,
LiTaO³, LiNbO³, Sapphire, or other materials
  Able to provide a damage-free polished surface with
      a high degree of efficiency
  A fused white alumina abrasive powder
For use as a material in super finishing precision
      grindstones, lapping cloth or paper, metals, quartz
      crystal and semiconductor

  Being chemically inert and able to bear high
Consistent reaction with organic matter

  For polishing the surface of silicon at the final
      polishing stage

  Comprised of high quality super fine powder
      dispersed in a liquid composed of special ingredients
   A green silicon carbide lapping agents with high
     purity SiC

  For use in super finishing precision grindstones,
     crystal, ferrite, and processing various resins
Superior lapping and polishing capabilities 
Having the ability to withstand high temperatures
  For polishing GaAs wafer
  Minimized scratch and particle defects while
      maximizing planarity across the wafer surface

   A black silicon carbide lapping agent
  For use in precision lapping, polishing cloth and
      paper, lapping of stones, cast iron, brass, glass, and
      semiconductor crystals

  Stable cutting edges and ideal particle size
      distribution with use of abrasive machining

  For polishing GaAs wafer, GaP wafer, and LED-
      related GaAs or GaP products

  It is more effective with using our lapping abrasive
      of HFO2000, HFO3000, and HWA3000
 ◈ Polishing Pads

 ◈ Diamond Slurry

  A White Urethane Impregnated Fiber Based Pad
  For Final Polish and Lapping crystal, glass and

  Especially applied in sapphire and Fused silica
  Embossed pads having a C scale harness of 60
      on the pillows

  A channel depth of ~ 50% is on the .050" thick

  The max. sizes of the embossed pads are 900mm
  Can replace  Suba X and softer blown urethane pads
  Monocrystalline Structure Synthetic Diamond Powders
  Has a slightly irregular shape with multiple cutting edges
  Oil, glycol and water based vehicles
  Are used in resin bond wheels for lapping and polishing
      of various materials such as ceramics, carbides, &

  Are used in metal bond wheels for grinding of Quartz,
      Ceramics, Sapphires and other hard materials

  For general applications where polycrystalline's features
       are not required
  A Poretex Black Polishing Pad
  Well suited For final polishing of silicon, oxide,
      glass or metal precision applications

  Reducing pad loading
  Increasing pad life
  up to 53" of diameter
  0.050" of thickness
  Can replace Polytex supreme
  Polycrystalline Structure Diamond Powders
  Has no cleavage planes
  The highest material removal rates
  Allowing for finer finishes in less time
  Causing less sub-deformation
  For lapping and polishing of the ferrites and silicon,
      memory disc surface texturing, ceramics, sapphires, and etc


   A Napless Chemotextile Polishing Pad
   Oil, water, and alcohol resistant with a Pressure
      Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing

  For final polishing of ferrous and nonferrous
      metals, composites, polymers, cast irons,
      ceramics, carbides, thermal spray coatings,
      electronics, pcb's, minerals and glass

   Available size from 2" to 16" diameter

  A polyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of
      200, a clear, viscous liquid at room temperature

  For electro-polishing and electroplating processes and in
      drawing and extrusion compounds

  Water Solubility
  4.5 - 7.0 (pH, 5% aqueous solution)

 Soudafoam 2K
   SoudaFoam 2K is a two-component, selfexpanding,
       ready-to-use polyurethane foam. It is typically foam
       for mounting.

   Excellent fixing capacities
   Can be trimmed after 30 minutes (20C degrees)
   Filling of cavities
   Application of a soundproofing layer on motors
   Improving insulation in cooling systems 
   Packaging: aerosol can 400ml

  A polyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of
      300, a clear, viscous liquid at room temperature

  For electro-polishing and electroplating processes and in
      drawing and extrusion compounds

  Water Solubility
  4.5 - 7.5 (pH, 5% aqueous solution)


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