Cutting and Polishing Consumables
  Lapping Abrasive Powder 
       - A fused white alumina abrasive powder. 
         A green silicon carbide lapping agents with 
         high purity SiC. A black silicon carbide
         lapping agent. HFO, HWA, HGC, & HC 

  Diamond Slurry 
      - Monocrystalline/Polycrystalline Structure 
        Diamond Powders. HMDP, & HPDP      

  Colloidal Slurry 
      - For polishing the surface of silicon at the final
        polishing stage, and for polishing GaAs/GaP 
        wafer. HCS80, HCS 3700, & HINSEC      

  Polishing Pads 
      - For final polishing processes. 
        HHPC, HPBN, HPPP, & Others

  Polyethylene Glycol 
     - Water Solubility. For electro-polishing and 
        electroplating processes and in drawing
        and extrusion compounds. PEG 200, and
        PEG 300

  Soudafoam 2K 
      - It is a two-component component, self-
        expanding, eady-to-use polyurethane foam.  
        It is a very high adhesive strength and  
        removed cured foam


Precision Parts Replacements
  Angular Contact Spherical Plain Bearings 
       - ELGES GE65-SW, GE80-SW, & GE120-SW 
         Maintenance-free spherical plain bearings 

  Winter Diamond ID Saw Blades 
       - Size: 22" & 27". 
         Application: Universal application on all
         standard machines such as Meyer & Burger,
         TSK, STC, GMN

  Hypertherm Plasma Parts 
       - #120925 Swirl Ring 
         #120930 Shield Mach Ctng
         #120926 Electrode - 5 Pack 
         #120928 Retaining Cap 
         #120932 Nozzle 40 Amp - 5 Pack 


Construction and Building Joints
  SMX® Sealants 
       - SoudaSeal 150LM, SoudaSeal 50LM, 
         SoudaSeal 25, SoudaSeal FC, 
         SoudaSeal SL, & SoudaSeal CL 

  SMX® Adhesives 
       - Adhesive SMX® Wood Flooring 
          Adhesive is 100% solvent and 
          water free. 

      - All Silicone sealants have the following 
         general characteristics: 
       ● Permanent flexibility and excellent 
       ● Excellent UV and color stability 
       ● Excellent resistance to aging 
       ● Superior temperature resistance 
       ● Excellent adhesion to a wide range 
            of substrates 
       ● Six standard colors and custom tints 

  PU-Foams & Accessories 
      - All PU-Foams have the following 
         general characteristics:
          Semi-rigid structure with closed cells
          Excellent adhesion on most common 
          Can be trimmed, sanded and painted 
            after full care
          Excellent filling capacities, 
            expanding to 40 times its original size 
         ● Strong bonding characteristics 
         ● Environmentally friendly (CFC free)
             propellant gas