◈ Angular Contact Spherical Plain Bearings GE65-SW, GE80-SWA, GE120-SW

       ◈ HACSPB 

           ELGES Angular contact spherical plain bearings comprise inner and outer rings. 
           They can support higher axial forces as well as radial forces and are suitable for 

           alternating dynamic loads.

           Maintenance-free spherical plain bearings have special sliding layers based on 

           PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). In descending order of performance, these are:

              ∙ The highest performance sliding layer

              ∙ PTFE composite

              ∙ PTFE-bronze film.
◈ Winter Diamond ID Saw Blades 22",  27"
               ◈ HWDIDSB 

                   Winter ID Saw Blade consists of a thin circular steel core, which is tensioned at its 
                   outside diameter (OD) and has its diamond cutting edge electrodeposited on the inside 
                   diameter (ID). ID Saw Blades are used for slicing the materials such as germanium, 
                   silicon semiconductor materials, GGG, Samarium cobalt, sapphire and quartz.
◈ Hypertherm Plasma Parts

  ◈ HHPP 

      Hypertherm plasma consumables are the only way to ensure the optimal performance 
      your plasma cutting system.

         • Superior cut quality and reduced or eliminated secondary operations

         • Faster cutting speeds and greater thickness capabilities

         • Dramatically longer consumable life

         • Lower operating cost and higher productivity